Which education do you really need in your current Japan?

Japan has been prospering for 70 years after the war, under a wonderful system, enjoying peace. But over time, the world will change. In the past 70 years, external and internal environments have changed significantly.

The world has changed as an external environment. As an internal environment, Japan and Japanese have changed. If the world changes, it is necessary to change the system which is the framework of society. Everything will not function unless it is changed according to the times.

Product has a product life cycle. It is a simple flow of “introduction period → growth period → maturity period → decline period”, do you know?

Actually, not only products but also organizations and institutions have life spans. Education system is also an exception. 70 years after the war, the current educational system has performed a wonderful function. But now we need change.

But how can we change it?

In recent years, that discussion has become quite large. Is there no such argument in your neighborhood?

Education in Denmark is good, the Netherlands is also good, Finland, no no no, it is Germany, the cutting edge is the United States, the voice sounds from there. And I hear a lot of talk about technology, it is bargaining power, discussion power, presentation power, logical thinking. Also, it is good to lead a correct answer in the Keizo class, but I can not answer to what I do not have the correct answer, so it is a reversing lesson, a world cafe, a lot of methodologies to use ICT will come out.

I think that it is all important discussion. Unfortunately, I feel that I do not hear the theory of purpose just by methodology. I feel that there is not much debate about what I want to do by changing the education system, purpose, goal, goal, what I want to do. Everyone says loudly that they will develop the ability to think, develop the ability to speak their own opinions, live on their own, let them disclose what they are. That is certainly the case. That’s right. But, there is no story of the goal, “what is going on?” ”

Why do not you go back to the start line and think about it from the present situation together?

What is the problem in Japan now?

In order to confirm this, I tried to compare Japan with a country that is called educated advanced country

Also, what about Japan’s evaluation from overseas?

The good point is being honest, taking a job properly, defending the rule at any time, considering others, being trustworthy etc, received a relatively high reputation.

The bad thing is, do not you know what you are thinking, do not you declare your intention?

What do you think?

Taking these into consideration, what is the problem in Japan and what is better?

And what (what kind of Japanese) should I aim for? What will become of Japan if I become the target Japanese people?

Although it is not said to be 100 years, I would like to discuss the methodology of the educational system on top of that, thinking about what Japanese are ideal after 50 years, no ten years, the purpose and goal.

Also, there is something to worry about a bit here recently.

Other countries and Japan are different. Population, area, culture and history, and current education system are different. It is okay for other countries to follow up, but I hope Japan wants Japanese thoughts to think about.

I feel that the present passive attitude of children in Japan is certainly a problem. However, I believe that the current academic ability and the heart to consider other people is wonderful. So, while maintaining this, I propose to make it “a society that enjoys diversity” rather than now. As a result, I think that going to be a country of “adaptive strong” which is the essence of evolution theory, becoming a country that can exist forever is the goal. Ideally, each Japanese living in a natural body (the utmost effort among) and becoming a country that mutually recognizes it. Do not compare with other people, face themselves and communicate with others on that. This will allow us to accept the diverse values ​​of others. I am thinking about this as my goal.

Have you seen the movie “Anna and the Snow Queen”?

Those who are not watching may not understand, but this movie has two climaxes.

The first one is a scene that freely uses the magic sealed so that the Queen of Snow (Elsa) does not touch the eye. Even witches that people dislike can be as it is! It is a scene that goes through spiritually.

Second, every time Elsa shows magic in front of people, it runs away. However, Anna hugs such Elsa, even a witch is my precious older sister! And scenes to catch Elsa’s true intent.

This is the moment of accepting the diversity of the opponent in the sense that it can accept yourself as it is, in order to take it around. Diversity means that the disclosure of the natural body as it is and the fact that the surroundings recognize it. However, it is commonplace to strive within the natural body as it is, so it does not mean that everything is OK as it is.

In another story, a child with a good piano could not play a day. Then the surrounding adults who had been somewhat far away moved away from the child. It is a moment when I feel that myself (child) who can not play the piano has no value or existence reason. Originally, whether a piano or a magic can be used, that person is that person. I feel that it is necessary for Japan in the coming future to accept all, to enjoy the diversity that the person is that person in whatever state.

So, in that methodology, I think that major changes in elementary and junior high school education are unnecessary. I believe that now crammed education and social education are good. The reason is to maintain current academic ability and maintain social performance. Of course, thinking power, sending power, and subjectivity are important, but if you do not put anything in the head (not in the Internet), it is not accompanied by idea or sending power. Since information to be confirmed on a personal computer is not your own information, it is not linked to actions. People can combine information and information to produce power, such as ideas. I would like you to continue cramming education like this.

Then, how can we make it “a society that enjoys diversity” rather than now?

In fact, adult education is necessary to enjoy diversity. The educational reform proposed here, “It is compulsory education for adults”.

At the present time when the family changed from a large family to a nuclear family and the relationship with the region faded away, there are few opportunities for adults to experience diversity. Therefore, we have to learn opportunities to learn, so we propose compulsory education for adults. We propose to carry out this for one year (a total of 12 days) one day a month. The theme is enjoyment of diversity, its meaning and method, practice and effect confirmation. For example, they are allowed to participate as a separating obligation by age such as 25 years old and 30 years old. It may be planned and managed by local governments independently. It will be a feature of a wonderful area.

If many adults can enjoy diversity, children will also be affected to a great extent. Children will be able to live freely and freely. You will not have to ask for your presence elsewhere, so bullying problems will be less. The suicide rate will also decrease. It will also be a natural and subjective attitude. When you make a social advance, you will end up with diverse occupations. Children are greatly affected by adults. Children can grow up mentally by adults enjoying diversity.

Because, is not it? We accept everything, including your own weak points. I am glad that this is an adult. In such a society, the happiness index definitely rises. Because the happiness index has only evaluation criteria among themselves.

Which education do you really need in your current Japan?

It is an adult ‘s compulsory education system, I believe this is the education necessary to keep Japan prosperous. From now on, diverse values ​​will be born in Japan and the world. Enjoying (accepting) diversity is the first step of happiness. Because modern society with fast world speed is exactly the era of “adaptive strong”.

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