What is great in American elite education?

“Best female high school girl” competition victory! Why emphasize the world’s most advanced education other than “academic ability”? Now in the world, is the most emphasis on how to extend the <5 one of the qualities required for a child>, were aggregated into one book , “the world’s best parenting -” National Best schoolgirl “Education Act, which was brought up” (balk Heavy child). I will introduce the essence of parenting which learning habits · ability to think by myself · resilience · squeeze out ability · self expression power.

The most emphasized is “non-cognitive ability”
What was the thing we saw to the Japanese delegates at this Olympic Games? The strength to recover from the injury of Yuzuru Hanyu and recover the gold medal, the humility of Uno Masayama’s players, empathy empowered by the rival of Kohei Nao player, cooperative power of Takagi Miho players who witnessed with a purse (overtake) The indomitable spirit of Ayumi Hirano, and the recovery of the heart of Akuto Watanabe. These are said to be “non-cognitive abilities” represented by self-confidence, self-control, resilience, responsibility, empathy, flexibility and so on.
Through the Olympic Games, we had the opportunity to witness a number of very high non-cognitive abilities. These are called non-cognitive ability because they are unmeasurable against measurable cognitive abilities such as IQ and test scores.

No matter how wonderful technology or physical fitness can be put into practice, we can not overcome it if it lacks cognitive abilities. When losing, courage and energy going forward do not spring up, sometimes the heart will break up somewhere.

That’s why in my daughter’s kindergarten I focused on “non-cognitive ability” rather than testing.

Age to compete with pieces of charm
– Key is passion (my favorite, good, good point)
Shogi Fujii Sota and these Olympic athletes have something in common that is indispensable for high uncognitive abilities. That is “passion”. Passion is the key to all, although I say that I like good things like love.

I think that it is interesting to live in the United States for 20 years is a keyword difference for education of Japan and the United States. Speaking of school in Japan is “study.” I will encourage “studying” day and night to raise the score of the test even a little. In America, “passion = something shining”. Promoting towards it, finding something to devote her passion, train “real academic ability” on the ground by trying to overcome obstacles, and train non-cognitive abilities by trying to accomplish it. And the “strength of the mind” and “true academic ability” are reflected in the learning attitude and the maximum academic ability for that child is demonstrated.
That is why in the United States I will support children’s interest in various things in the process of growth, support the love and goodness of their children, and extend their uncognitive abilities through passion (love). When doing whatever you like, people become smiles with nature. Curiosity and inquiry sprouts. Because I like it, I can challenge various things without suffering, trying to get through whatever happens. Because I like it, when I hit the wall, I can show flexibility to solve it. In such a case, people feel confident and their thoughts are positive. To be positive is the first condition of a strong mind.

Passion is not only for club activities and extracurricular activities. I heard he’s studying. Since the school where the daughter passed is focused on “like” from kindergarten to high school, there are also many project-based classes, and each theme decides according to their interests. Then, by stimulating my curiosity, I accumulate knowledge by exploring, and try to solve problems with true academic ability. In that case, it is uncognitive ability to support myself trying to accomplish. By doing so, academic ability and non-cognitive abilities will be increasing more and more.

What is “Lost Opportunity”
There are important keywords in American education and child rearing. It is a “lost opportunity Lost Opportunity”. It is an important role of school and parents to explore all the possibilities of children and bring out their children’s ability to the utmost. For that purpose, we must not be deprived of the test scores solely. Worrying about the test scores If you focus on testing less often, the score will rise and it will not be difficult to get a full score. But at the cost of that time it will be possible to lose the time to spend that child’s passion (likes) that may have been done at that time, to lose forever the period of growth that can never be regained in the life of personality and personality formation bred through passion (like) about. It is too expensive when considering a long life.

If you aim for parenting “test points +” with high non-cognitive abilities, it is to pay attention to your child’s passion.

However, according to a survey by Benesse Institute for Educational Research conducted in 2017, parents who think that “my child wishes to study more than sports and art activities more” by 12.7% Increasing to 44.4%. Sports and art are a waste of time.

Do you know anything about your child’s “passion”? When is your child’s eyes shining? The opportunity lost will never come back. Children living a different society, such as the rise of AI, major restructuring of large enterprises, diversification into internationalization, evaluation axes that are changing top down such as the University of Tokyo. From now on it will become ‘the era of winning with individual charms’. What is essential at such times is “non-cognitive ability” that you can train with “passion”.

We do not have troublesome efforts. To change just a little mind set, and to suppress some key points in everyday life. That’s all. Please see my book for practical ways. Just by adding it to conventional test study, you will notice a positive change of your child.

Next time is about the ability to find an answer to a problem without an answer that does not grow up in test study, “true academic ability”.
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“The world’s best child rearing – Education method that raised” the best girls high school student ”
“Best female high school girl” competition victory!
way to extend the most important importance of “the five qualities necessary for children” in the world now !
Learning habits · Ability to think by yourself · Resilience · Squeeze out ability · Self expressive power …

It is not “academic ability” that emphasis on world-class education
What is the best education that is common to the US top school

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