What is a support school?

When you are studying communication-related high school and high school graduate qualifications, the word “support school” comes out.
It is like a school, it seems to be different from school … · · ·
What about support schools? The theme of this time is to resolve the doubt as refreshing.
Is the support school a school?
University and technical college
In order to establish a school, various requirements are decided and it is necessary for the authority of the national government and the administration, it can not be established only with the intention of individuals and companies.
However, support schools do not require such establishment procedures, so individuals can also open in one room of the apartment. Therefore, if classifying by role, is not it closest to the cram school?

In the same way that the studying cram school passes the aspiring school and guides students for the purpose of improving school performance, the support school can be said to be a kind of cram school which carries out learning assistance etc. for acquiring the unit of the communication high school .
Support schools have carried out various educational activities while responding to various requests of students enrolled in communication high school.

Therefore, you can not qualify as “high school graduation” simply by going to a support school.
It is necessary to enroll in a communication high school, which is an authorized “school”, to complete the curriculum.
It is likely that many support schools are named XX senior high schools, △ △ Gakuen Gakuen School as well as the school “high school (high school)”.

What is the role of support school?
Most of the students going to the support school are enrolled at the communication high school simultaneously with the support school.
This is the same as junior high school students who are studying high school entrance as well going to junior high school while going to cram school.
Even if the junior high school students snooze at the school and do not listen to the lessons, even if they have studied hard at cram school, they will receive a diploma from the junior high school.

Students attending the support school may become conscious that the alma mater where they spent valuable high school days is the support school.
However, we are able to issue diplomas with the high school communication school, which is a formal high school .
As a relationship, “Do students enrolled at a correspondence high school capture the game of communication school high school graduation with the strength of support weapons and reinforcements”?
Even if there are attacks from English communication and high school students in mathematics and English reports, there is learning support that can rebuild it, so that support schools provide various items to confront the trial of schooling and examination It is an image.

In other words, the support school is a powerful ally that will help you graduate from a communication high school.

Collaboration between support school and communication high school
Although I mentioned that the support school was originally close to the training school, when it was certainly born the name of the support school about twenty years ago, a student belonging to a communication high school by an individual and reported to his home We also brought to the support school to receive guidance.
In one support school, it was not uncommon for students belonging to multiple communication high schools to learn together.

I think that the style of the support school has changed considerably over the past two decades.
The student ‘s reports are sent to the support school at once, the teacher of the support school manages the state of submission of each student, and is generally submitted to the correspondence high school by the support school.
It may be the impression that communication school high school can graduate while spending according to support school system and curriculum.

The merit of this form is managed according to one high school system, so the deadline for submitting the report and the schedule for the exam and the schooling will be the same for all.
Since the contents of the report to be handled will be the same, it will be easier for students to study in more detail.

What is the support school’s support?
What kind of support can you support at the support school specifically?

1) Teaching instruction and report preparation
I think that it is this part that everyone who goes to support school seeks most.
It seems that the communication report high school report itself is not so difficult in general, but still it is not easy to say everything on your own because it is the content of high school learning.

There seems to be a case where teaching method is done in classroom form or in case of individual guidance form. Even within the classroom, differences in academic ability between students may be large, so we respond by devising each support school.
In some cases, we use a textbook to understand the necessary background knowledge of the report and then proceed with the report. In some cases, we taught the contents directly linked to the contents of the report with individual guidance etc. efficiently.
Supporting schools are a good place to teach me as far back as the contents before junior high school as necessary .

2) Report submission management
The part of learning and report preparation is also important, but some students say that it is here to really help.
There are reports asking for submission of 12 subjects per year for communication high school reports.
If the number of registered units is about 30 units per year, the number of reports will be 70 or more. In that case, 5-6 submissions are required every month.

3) Leading rate of schooling
The handling related to schooling will vary greatly depending on the relationship between the support school and the communication high school, but if the school or cooperative school becomes the schooling venue, it is also possible to support the school depending on the schedule and timetable It is a merit.
It is relieved if you join with support colleagues, such as when you do not have a familiar friend at a communication high school.
In the case of students who are not good at schooling, they may negotiate with communication schools in search of various
Teachers who are familiar with the system of communication school high school can think safely because they think about students.

Are not you aware of getting up in the morning, are you worried about being late for important schooling?
Such a person may cause a support school teacher to call me up in the morning.
Support schools are the only one that can support such support for students whose lifestyle rhythms are unstable.

4) Where you can relax
When going to a full-day high school and going to a correspondence high school, it is a very big question where and how to spend the time of daytime that is vacant enough.
Sometimes I feel depressed if I am at home alone, or I feel like I was left behind by society.
The support school not only fills such time with learning and various events and activities but also provides new relationships with friends and senior juniors. The teacher is also a reliable counselor.

There are support schools that do not have time off for teachers to watch without leaving the classroom so that bullying and troubles between students never happen.

5) Provision of course information and guidance on course
Some schools in communication schools do not go well enough for students to go on to college or get to work, but there are also schools that offer support from the information gathering to the entrance to the entrance, the entrance examination guidance, and the entry to the examination venue .
Regarding employment, we will also visit briefing sessions and hello work considering hope and aptitude.
There are support schools that are well-established in teaching advanced school with a cram school and preparatory school.

6) Extracurricular activities and various events
What you seek from school is various, but it is important to expand the range of interest besides studying sports and music activities etc in high school high school days.
At support schools, we sometimes collect footballers and basketball gathering applicants who call them “extracurricular activities, circle activities” and learn musical instruments and dance by securing leaders.
nstitution that a student who goes to a communication high school supports the students in a position to graduate safely and proceed to the next step.

The courses for high school graduation are provided from partnering communication-based high schools.
There is no special qualification or facility requirement on the support school side.
With these styles, it is possible to combine with various schools, not limited to learning.

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