What is a summer school?

The first grade students and the third grade sons of elementary school who go to the local school last year to the United States will celebrate the first summer vacation. I am thinking how to spend a long summer vacation, but I heard that there is a summer school. What kind are there?Long summer vacation is a new opportunity opportunity
It is a really long summer vacation. It is nearly three months. I do not have homework and I really can spend it freely. In the meantime parents will try to make the children a variety of experiences they can not do during the semester. The representative is the activity at the summer school.

The format and contents of summer vacation activities are diverse and are called by names such as Summer School, Summer Camp, Day Camp and so on. Here we call them “summer school” together.

Various choices. Gather sufficient information in advance
◎ Form
There are types that go from home and participate by staying. Activity hours and periods range from several hours to what will be carried out during summer vacation. Also, the place of activity is different from small classrooms and schools close to home, community facilities such as Civic Center and recreation center, and activities, camp sites onboard, university campus and so on.

◎ Contents
Broadly speaking, there are academic items and types of recreation. Even academic items range from serious about doing mathematical gifted teaching for selected children to those interested in science through observation and experiments of science. The subjects are mathematics, mathematics, science, composition, reading and so on.

On the other hand, there are camps that try to exercise in the nature like summer sports. Sports such as swimming, summer sports, ball games such as baseball, gymnastics, dance and so on.

◎ Where is the information?
Summer school information is available anywhere. In familiar places, there are telephone directories, libraries, magazines, brochures and so on. If you search it with “Summer School” on the Internet, surprising information can be obtained. Of course, most of the information is in English, but many guides and pamphlets written in Japanese can be seen.
But the first thing to do is to ask your neighbors’ parents and friends. In that case, it is necessary to judge whether the introduced activity is really suitable for your child.

Importance of summer school for Japanese children
Next, I will consider the importance of summer school for elementary school students of Japanese who are not far before the United States.

“There are many children who have forgotten what they have learned in the previous grade, and it will take about two months to review, when the new semester starts in September,” heard that the local elementary school teacher was mourning I have done that. Since the grade is completed before summer vacation, there is no homework, it is because it goes away from study. For that reason, school year-round schools that distribute summer vacation in the year for one year are also gaining popularity.

This blank is very important for maintaining your English skills for children who are just over the United States. It is only a pity that I will lose the English memorized during the semester during the long summer vacation, which will greatly influence the studies of the new grades from September.

In order to prevent lowering of conversation skills, think about participating in native children and participating in activities to be done by groups and groups. Ideally, I think that what is close to the daily school life provided by the school is good. However, if there is no opportunity like that, it is OK if it meets the purpose, even if it is centered on activities.

The child of the consultation is still in elementary school lower grade, but it can participate in overnight summer camp etc. when it is about 5 years or older. However, please check carefully so that there will not be such things as Japanese children only when you participate.
Summer school has various purposes such as to train the body to spend time with children of the same age in order to improve the English ability comprehensively. However, the most important thing is to experience the American culture itself, a summer school. After returning home, it will be a wonderful memory of our children.

(Published May 16, 2005)
Q. Is there a distinctive summer school for junior high school students?

A. There is a summer program provided by private schools in NY and Japan
Teruhiko Matsumoto (INFOE representative)
Long unique summer school
This time, I will introduce the summer school which is offered by Japanese or American schools. Participants mainly from junior high school students from around the world are dedicated to living in dorms, a unique program to learn languages ​​and experience various things.

Keio NY Institute
Keio NY Institute (High School) in the suburbs of New York has been conducting a summer school for Japanese and English bilinguals from three years ago.

“Hands-on type video production workshop” is a feature of this program, and we will make short films through practical guidance by video professionals. One group has one instructor, and you will learn how to use the camera, image expression, and basic editing techniques. On the final day of the program, we will hold a preview of the works created by each group.

Other programs include field trips such as ESL and Japanese classes, dance, cultural exchange events, Broadway musical appreciation and so on. It is also possible to take elective courses in bilingual and bicultural education.

In a dormitory on a lush green campus, you can experience a joint life with colleagues from all over the US and Japan and deepen international exchanges.

It is the program of the 3rd year held in Tosa-shi, Kochi Prefecture, on the campus of Meitokyu junior high school and high school where the Pacific Ocean is in front of me.

In the morning, Japanese and Japanese classes by proficiency level, Japanese culture and activities through activities and campus tours in the afternoon, experiencing nature, furthermore, free time and Japanese drumming experience in the evening and morning from 7.30 am There are plenty of contents until 10:30 at night.

Approximately 30 international students who are 30% of the total number of students are learning at Meijuku school. Because there is a Japanese language and language education program for that international student, you can learn a wide range from “Japanese conversation is inconvenient” to “can read classics”.

Students from local schools, inter-schools, supplementary schools, Japanese schools, and very diverse children from the USA, Asia, Europe and around the world will participate. Many participants use the opportunity to return home temporarily to Japan with their families.

Participants will live together at the school dormitory and cafeteria to deepen their exchanges while also interchanging with middle and high school students at Meijuku school who are continuing their dormitories through intensive classes and club activities during the summer vacation period.

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