What does education aim for AI era

Just the other day, I heard news that the world ‘s strongest shogi player loses to AI (artificial intelligence). In a game where intelligence and intelligence collide with each other , the army was raised toward AI . Although it may be there if it says by chance, it may be that it was a lot of things often made to think about variously.
As AI showed unprecedented development in this way, discussion that society changes by AI also began here and there. Of course, education is not an exception, and it is getting to hear stories of a kind like “I need power to survive in the AI era!”

Under such circumstances, the child who was before was asked about the following things.
” You only have to leave it to AI , why do I have to study?”

Before this straightforward question, I am stuck in words.

Certainly, if AI does everything, humans can survive without learning anything if you say the extreme. Almost no mistake in translation technology by AI is a good example.

If a child can not find the significance of studying until studying to an extent , and if an adult who teaches also is given only an answer of misunderstanding to this question, in real intention the purpose of education has been lost sightseeing It may be that. It seems like one such expression that ambiguous words “○ ○ force” are being fussed here and there.

So, this time I will talk about “What is the purpose of education in the AI ​​era?”, I am thinking about why this situation is now, and the future direction of education in the future AI era.

What have you been aiming for so far?

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Before going into talking about why the purpose of education is being lost, let’s look a bit on how it used to be.

The purpose of education so far has been clear to a certain extent. In a nutshell, “To live human beings (unlike animals)” .

For example, compare humans with other animals.

Among tens of millions of creatures on the planet, “parents bring up their children” is said to be quite rare. Once the basics gave birth, they are farewell, so I will live on my own with the instinct from the moment I was born. Although it is harsh it is the figure of the majority of creatures.

How about us human beings? The answer is obvious, but it is frightening to say that forcing a baby just born to live on its own.

Certain human weakness that born without instinct can not live. German philosopher and sociologist Arnold Gehlen called the human being “defective organism” for that reason .

On the other hand, however, he says that, in order to compensate for the deficiencies, it is possible to build a highly original culture including education, and to run a different human life from animals . It does not seem to want to say that the defect is not necessarily bad.

Thus, at least in the context of modern education , education is necessary for “to live intelligently and autonomously” in contrast to animals that can only live “like a human being”, that is to say so-called wild and instinctive lives It is said that it has been said.

However, please remember the game of Go you told me first.

“The army was raised towards AI in a game where intelligence and intelligence collide with each other ”

As we have seen, if we say that only intelligence and autonomy are “humanity”, this example of Go will no longer mean ” AI is much more human”.

Also many actually do so now while some instances, for example, than a human can be expertly translated AI or can be safely operated without accident than a human, AI, is and so on would be a good example.

If so, it makes a lot of doubt what exactly is humanness and humanity.

Humanity has been based on comparison with animals until now, but if it is easily replaced by AI , it can not be said that it is human nature (human beings own) already.

The situation that education that aimed to grow human beings is losing sight of its purpose. It may be said that the background is due to the rapid development of AI that people are losing something about humanness .

Education at a crossroads

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So far we have talked about the fact that the significance of education aimed at nurturing it has also been lost at the same time as a result of the lost sight of “humanity” by the development of AI.

Under such circumstances, education is at a certain crossroads.

That branch is a way of breaking up whether to foster a person who can compete with AI in competition or seek humanity different from AI .

The claim that “you need ○ power to survive the AI ​​era!” Will be located in the former.

In order to keep up with the rapidly changing society, we must acquire various abilities. Of course, while it feels that it is necessary to some extent, it is honestly that it is hard to think that everyone can achieve it . Especially if public education for all people stood in this position, considerable breath will spread.

In that case, I think that it is better to hit the light in the latter way, that is, to find and cultivate another humanity different from AI.

Forty years ago, an ecologist and a cultural anthropologist, Konji Imanishi, in a minor argument of “human beings at the crossroads”, with the rapid development of machine civilization in front of them, the following things I am talking. A slightly long quote, it is a sentence you would like to read carefully.

“Technicians say that this degree is still in the beginning, with technicians doing the same thing, it is said that accelerating rapid change will finally come, and now people in the future will be able to withstand this change, If it is not, it will not be usable, but please wait for a moment There is a mind to seek stability from one side to a human being There is a human being of society in general to such a change that is not reserved for stability, Kimi Imanishi 2014 “Nature and Human beings at the Crossroads:” Imanishi Nature “and Yamaaki” p. 116)

“Although the existence of reason is indeed a character of a person, the reason also developed as an adaptation for human beings to live originally, there is a reason for human beings, for reason There is no human being, so that not only reason but also other things are necessary for human beings to live. “(Ibid., P. 117)

But we have to talk of education in “to live like a human being” have been made, the intelligent, rational, to whether only state with a force human-like of, must have a little doubt would not be the Cow. As Imanishi stated, it is certainly not only that living as a human being.

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