IELTS Scholarship 2013 Number of recipients nine determined

This scholarship is set up in two categories, UK Scholarship (4 people) and North American Scholarship (5 people), each paid 3,000 pounds and a roundtrip ticket of economy class between London and Narita effective for 1 year, US $ 6,000 I will. In the selection process, not only the score of IELTS (IELTS), but also emphasis is placed on what the principal is aiming for, what kind of thing he wishes to study at the destination of study abroad, and whether he / she has a vision to return the experience of study abroad to society I will.

this fiscal year there are 319 entries of the highest ever (UK 198, North America 121), after the selection of the first document and the selection of the second interview, the following nine people are elected It was done

Yoshie Inoue   Exchange Student All-year
Masatsugu Kakuoka  Imperial College London MSc in Transport
Hiroki Takahashi  University of Edinburgh Visiting Student in the College of Science and Engineering
Yuki Watari  Oxford University Diploma in British and European Studies

Takahashi Kenichi   University of Toronto Arts & Science
Asuka Okutani  Medicine Hat College General Studies
Saijo yuzu   the University of California, Berkeley IIS-ISP Program
Nao Usami Ohio State University Human Development and Family Science
Soejima Tomohiro  the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Undergraduate (Chemistry)

The award ceremony was held at the British Embassy in Tokyo on July 29, and the recipients and their families were invited.

The ceremony began with a greeting by Mr. Yasushi Okushi of the Japan English Test Association which co-operates IELTS in Japan.
“IELTS exceeds 20,000 candidates in Japan.In this time we have selected more candidates including not only the results but also the personality.In addition to the Japanese identity, I do not forget the culture, I would like you to draw out the infinite possibilities of the future “, and sent words of congratulation.

<All scholars studying abroad with a big vision>
After that, nine scholars made a speech about the dreams of studying abroad in English.

Mr. Inoue becomes a diplomat in the future and aims to connect Japan with foreign countries. “The environment at a UK university where you can actually study the immigration problems, by tracing desks with people of various races and religions, will be a big step towards future goals.”

Mr. Kadoka experienced the road construction project in Africa, “I realized the necessity of more sustainable technology and plans that can be improved with local materials and human resources.” For Mr. Kadoka, who was determined to take a leave of absence for research in the UK, the scholarship seems to be a big encouragement.

Takahashi Hikaru said, “I translated the poems written by children in Fukushima last year and need to understand people’s feelings in translation.” “I want to learn how big stressful events influence self-formation,” he says he will learn psychology and biology that is different from Japanese major.

Mr. Watan who heard the first report of the award during the climbing Mt. Fuji . “I am aiming to raise the employment rate as a political scientist.The political science in the UK is the highest level in the world.This scholarship award gave me confidence that I can achieve excellent results at the destination of study abroad.” .

Kenichi Takahashi , as an expert in economic policy, aims to be active in trade negotiations with overseas. “I will aim to increase the communication skills with people with different languages ​​and cultural backgrounds to become a better negotiator.”

Mr. Okuya’s plan to learn about minority public services in Canada said, “As globalization and increasing number of foreign residents are on the rise, Kobe (of my birthplace) will make public systems I would like to contribute to building it. ”

Saijo says that he wanted to be a comedian manager since he was a child , ” I want to learn about mass media in the United States and gain insight into the world of comedy in Japan, I want to bring innovation to the comedy industry after returning home.” He told me enthusiasm.

Usami’s dream is to set up a library service for children. I will position this study abroad “as one step closer to the target”, learn about family relations at Ohio State University and learn how the library affects children.

When he was a high school student, Mr. Soejima seems to think that it is very important for me to meet international students who like science like me and to exchange with students all over the world. “Scientists are often told that they are not useful for the current situation, but I would like to pursue useful science for society.”

After the
winners’ speech, Julia Long Bottom, the British Minister of the UK sent me celebratory words. Actually, although the participation of the minister was not planned, we stitched between busy public duties and rushed to the place of temporary proxy ambassador in a hurry.

Long Bottom Minister said, “Your speech was inspirational and I was very impressed.Thank you for submitting it through IELTS and thank you for becoming an ambassador to convey the wonderful things to learn abroad I was encouraged.
After the
awards ceremony it was a social gathering. In addition to not only deepening exchanges with the winners, but also three recipients of last year’s participants, the winners of this year were asked about information exchange and advice etc. In addition, there was an interview from the press.

At the end of the ceremony, British Council President Jeff Strater – greets. “We congratulate you on being able to touch international opportunities for study through IELTS, which can be a true international exam, and this time it was very difficult for select people, especially those with excellent people, IELTS as a family, I ‘ll encourage IELTS excitement. ” a ceremony at the British Embassy

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