How to enter the door of American Medical College (middle)

Premed and Major are two concepts that often make many people confused, and the old Americans are no exception.

How to enter the door of American
My cousin married an old woman, and my cousin was an old lady who was very smart and highly educated. Last year, their daughter went to university. Which university she should go to for that child? Because of medical prep and professionalism, they tangled up with me on several phones. In the end I was a little impatient. I said on the phone loudly that the medical preparatory course has nothing to do with the profession. As long as the school provides those classes and you study, you can be considered a preparatory student. Professionally, please feel free to choose, do not have to have any association with chemistry, biology and the like!

First talk about medical preparatory students. To apply for medical school, you must choose to take the medical preparatory courses required by these courses, otherwise you will not talk about medical school. In these classes, everyone can see that they are all basic courses and cannot give you any qualified majors. At the same time, U.S. college graduates must have at least one major.

Let me talk about majors, like the biology majors my daughter is learning. You can go and look up the basic requirements of this profession. It is absolutely not one or two biology lessons that can be sent out. I googled myself and asked for too long. Simplify it. We need more than six biology-related classes, plus at least one experimental class, plus chemistry, plus physics, plus mathematics.

In order to get a bachelor’s degree diploma, please choose a professional, one on the bottom line, and the more you can do it, generally not on the line. In order to apply for medical school, you need to have an undergraduate diploma, plus a few preparatory courses, what does this mean? Doing additions means that you have to study professionally required courses, plus these medical preparatory courses. Well, passed, now you can consider applying for medical school.

If someone still wants to ask, what kind of specialty is better for medical preparatory students, I will tell you the truth here. The medical school likes children who have nothing to do with biology or chemistry. The reason is very simple. If you have a certificate in English writing and you are a pre-med student, then you have not only completed the requirements of the English writing profession, but also learned more about courses that are not related to your major. At the same time, you also told the medical school from another angle that you can be good at teaching. This is also a rare quality for a good doctor.
Medical School Entrance Examination
If you plan your undergraduate diploma and you have already taken a medical preparatory course, you still cannot apply for medical school. Please take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) first.

on of MCAT:
Here is the definiti
The Medical College Admission Test , commonly known as the MCAT , is a computer-based standardized examination for prospective medical students in the United States and Canada . It is designed to assess problem solving, critical thinking, written analysis, and writing skills in addition to Knowledge of scientific concepts and principles.
The examination requires four major aspects:
The test consists of four sections, listed in the order in which they are administered on the day of the exam:
Physical Sciences (PS) – 52 questions 70 minutes
Verbal Reasoning (VR) – 40 questions 60 minutes
Writing Sample (WS) – 2 questions 60 minutes
Biological Sciences (BS) -52 questions 70 minutes
This exam is offered many times a year, but it is more difficult and it takes nearly 5 hours to test in one breath. The full score of the exam is 45 points, but generally if you can take more than 36 points to apply for a good medical school in the United States, you are enough points. And those general medical schools require about 30-32 points for this achievement.

There are classes in the United States that help you tutor MCAT. You can spend money to learn. They give a big box of books and exam questions. Many children use this class to review MCAT. You can also study on your own. My daughter learns after weighing the pros and cons. Can give you a little tips, the daughter thinks that only those who can’t master their own learning progress, or those who leave school for too long, should go to that class. But her daughter bought 6 sets of actual exam questions directly from the MCAT test center online, and she also bought a full set of review materials for that review class.

Well, now you have a bachelor’s degree, you have studied medical preparatory courses, you have MCAT scores, plus your high GPA, plus all your activities, plus your winning list. It’s important to add your volunteers and start applying for medical school.
In order to write this article, I made a friend with google. The United States has a formal way to apply for medical school.

The American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) is a non-profit, centralized application processing service for applicants to the first-year entering classes at participating US medical schools.
AMCAS does not render any admission decisions who and does not advise applicants where to apply. Each participating school is completely autonomous in their own admissions. AMCAS provides only the application processing service. The AAMC and AMCAS neither endorse, nor have any relationship to, commercial Counseling services concerned with admission to either US or foreign medical schools.

Regardless of the number of AMCAS schools to which you apply, you submit just one application to AMCAS via the Web. You must also request an official transcript from each college of registration in the United States and Canada. AMCAS then assembles your application file, verifies AM and it forwards the application to your designated medical schools. AMCAS also sends your MCAT scores for tests taken since April 1991, provided you have released them to AMCAS.

Applicants to medical schools that do not participate in AMCAS, as well as all advanced standing and transfer applicants, should contact institutions directly for application instructions. You should also contact schools directly for application information regarding joint or special programs, such as BA/MD, MD/Ph.D., MD/JD, etc.

did you see it? Not bad, apply on AMCAS online, of course your other grades will be sent directly to the medical school you applied for. However, it is much more convenient and there is a bit like applying for a university’s common application. My daughter showed me this form. It’s very long and it’s very tedious. Anyway, what you originally prepared is useful here. In some places, you can also play on your own and write about the introduction and feelings. Let me see, this is a bit like the resume we applied for. So please be cautious, and be sure to check it over and over again. It is best to let other experienced people see, such as pre-medical instructors, or students who have already gone to medical school.

American medical schools generally begin to allow applications in July. Most of the medical school admission methods here are a little strange, and they come first, and that is, first come first. When they have already picked enough of the people they want, if you apply late, even if you apply before the deadline, even if you are better, generally will not be given consideration. So please send your application as soon as possible, and let’s wait for the interview notice of the medical school. (to be continued)

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