Admissions Requirements – English

Entrance qualification
The university’s original audition / interview process is an essential part of the screening examinations, which the examinees devised to appeal their own merits of music and academic goals, but even at our university it is vital In the Berklee environment, you can determine whether you have talent and ability to succeed in the candidate.

The Admission Council considers both expertise and musical talent. Berklee does not have a specific GPA or test score requirement and does not have a specific class ranking requirement. The applicant ‘s requirement is to be able to speak English and to graduate from high school / secondary school before Berkley entrance. Applicant’s ability to succeed in Berkley can be evaluated sufficiently by audition and interview, which also conducts a comprehensive assessment of each applicant.

There are three processes for applying to Berklee:

Application and fee : You can complete and submit the online application from and the application fee is US $ 150 (non refundable).
Auditions and interviews : Applicants who wish to enter the next year should complete the live audition and interview as part of the application procedure to our school. You can join the audition and interview regardless of whether you submitted related documents to the university or not. Berklee has auditions and interviews all around the world.
Related Documents : Applicants must submit the latest official transcripts or GEDs. Applicants who have acquired a university unit at another institution should also submit an official transcript.
All applicants who have studied outside the United States or Canada must submit official transcripts. This is used by an authorized evaluation organization such as Education Credential Evaluators ( ). Please request a course-by-course document with the evaluation stage written.

The audition consists of the following parts and will be held for about 15 minutes.

Each song selected
Harmonic improvised accompaniment, simple form of blues, or improvisation by standard melody
First appearance performance
Hearing training of melody, harmony, and rhythm
Judgment sessions and technical exercises with faculty and staff of our university may be held as part of the audition at the discretion of each audition team. For detailed information on each composition of the audition, please see the detailed guidelines.

The interview tells the applicant the goals and dreams, clarifies the reason for choosing Berklee to achieve that goal, something that motivates music, what stimulates oneself, his own tasks and advantages, We will provide opportunities to talk about future contributions to the rich environment of Berkeley full of vitality and culture.
In the interview, I will mainly answer the following four questions.
1. Preparation for starting studying at Berklee
In addition to preparing for music at the university’s strict curriculum, Berklee’s history and mission as well as open and comprehensive approach to Berklee’s music (self-discipline necessary for excellence, sympathy necessary for music production, creativity We are considering whether you understand acceptance of openness and intellectual curiosity necessary for you.
2. Professional / career goals

Why did you choose music as the main purpose of university education? What kind of results do you think you can get by studying in Berklee? After you finish your studies in Berkeley, what kind of course or advanced Do you think you can proceed to the course?
3. Desired motive
When considering means to pursue music education, what aspects of Berkeley model was most attractive?
4. What is the appeal of applicants for Barkly?
At the selection review of our university, the admission council needs to determine how each student permitted to admit can contribute to the quality of the university community. How will you contribute to Berklee’s network and increase the value of experience? The interviewer may talk about the details described in the application documents as the basis of the question-and-answer. Please introduce your strengths and be able to convey creative future dreams.

related document
The academic qualifications and related documents that need to be provided as part of the application procedure are unique based on the educational environment. All related documents require postmarking on or before the application deadline date of the application period.
In Berklee, SAT or ACT scores are not mandatory. If the score is favorable, you may submit it, but applicant’s musical talent and ability to succeed in Berkley can be evaluated adequately by audition and interview.
All related documents require postmarking before the designated application deadline date .

Applicant / student abroad who was studying outside the United States

Education Credential Evaluators ( ), you need to submit formal transcripts through the institution in order to evaluate through an authorized evaluation agency. Please request a course-by-course document with the evaluation stage written.

TOEFL requirements

Applicants of degree programs whose first language is not English must submit TOEFL or IELTS scores at the time of enrollment . TOEFL IBT (Internet version TOEFL test) score should be 72 or more and IELTS score should be 6 or more.

Posting related documents

When mailing the application documents, please mail it by registered mail where you can record the mail as necessary. Copy all the documents as records and put all relevant documents as much as possible in one envelope and mail it to the next destination.

Migrate credits
To graduate, all students need to acquire Berklee’s curriculum of more than 6 credits. Upon enrollment, students are usually required to complete all remaining courses in Berkeley. However, students may be able to transfer the unit of liberal arts curriculum from the regional authority to even 9 units. Applicants who wish to be a bachelor of music can transfer up to 24 credits for essential liberal arts courses. Students in the professional diploma can transfer the curriculum curriculum unit to the normal selection requirement up to 12 credits. All courses for which migration is permitted must be in the evaluation phase of “C” (73% or 2.0) or higher.

Students wishing to enroll in Berklee must submit all official transcripts to the Admissions Office before enrolling. During the entrance to the university, we accept the applicable transitional unit as having completed before admission. After entering the university, you will not be able to transfer the unit you completed in the past.

Berklee has a music bachelor’s program and a four-year program that leads to a professional diploma. In the degree program, studying music is combined with a curriculum, so you can have a broad perspective to study and pursue music goals. The diploma program concentrates on studying music all the time, and in many cases students who acquired degrees at different schools advance. There is no curriculum which is essential for the applicant of the bachelor’s degree, so there is no diploma program for students majoring in music therapy or music education. If the diploma program is approved, you can change to a bachelor’s program while you are enrolled in Berkeley, as long as you meet specific academic requirements.

Scholarship of admission
Barkly is looking for talented instrumentalists and vocalists pursuing music education at the university, and it has more than 50 cities in the United States, Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa. All applicants’ auditions and interviews with the university’s regular degree or diploma program will automatically be subject to scholarship examination. Students who have completed at least two semesters at our university as regular students can apply for a scholarship by submitting a achievement portfolio.

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