About UK universities

UK university outline
■ Undergraduate in Japan in the UK is undergraduate, Graduate school is Postgraduate
■ Bachelor (Bachelor) with the same level as a Japanese university graduation qualification
■ Bachelor of Arts is a liberal arts, Bachelor of Science is a science department
■ In Japan I need 4 years to graduate from college, but I graduated in 3 years in the UK

* Semester schedule example *
(Three semester systems like this are common in UK universities.)
September – December
(Christmas vacation)
January – March
(Easter vacation)
Mid April – May
(Summer holiday )

Flow to admission
Often foreign universities are easier to enter than Japanese universities, it is said that it is difficult to get out, but you are not lying.

First of all, in case of international students from Japan, most of them go to university after undergoing the process of foundation course. The foundation course depends on the school, but there are about 2 exams and the result of the university is decided according to the result.

However, because that exam is like a term end test, it is easier than a Japanese university entrance examination.

Also, depending on the university, students who have not reached the level required by the university may also be able to proceed to the university if they join the program provided by the university before the course of Undergraduate begins.

About facilities

Unless you are in the center of London, universities in the UK have vast campuses. Most universities have campuses as well as clubs and bars as well as libraries, cafes, sports gyms, park-like spaces. When you become a suburban university there are banks, small supermarkets, post offices etc in the area, there are also campuses like small town no longer.

About the festival
There is no entrance ceremony in the UK like Japan. Since there are briefing sessions where all new students gather at the beginning, we will do the dates and various procedures for the course at that time. The day on which classes start in each department is different, so let’s check firmly at that time.

Freshers’ Week
Instead of having an entrance ceremony, most weeks that welcome freshmen are said to be Fresher’s Weeks, which is about the first about a week. There are a couple of weeks to enter the society (like something like a circle), school guidance, various events at clubs and bars Will be made.

This event is a good opportunity to get acquainted with students and seniors outside the faculty and so it would be nice to actively participate.

Graduation ceremony

Although there is a graduation ceremony, although it is about May that the course ends in about May, a graduation ceremony will be held in July from July. Therefore, some students do not participate in the graduation ceremony.

As is also known in movies, students wear a robe and a hat in a general graduation ceremony of a UK university.

About class selection
There are core modules (essential subjects) and optional modules (elective subjects), and calculate
credits (unit) while selecting. (Department)
It is also possible to earn credits by taking more classes for the future.
From the second grade, class selection will be done before the semester begins. So I will choose the second grade class at the end of the first grade.
Unlike Japanese universities, what day of the week the class is in is often unknown until the semester begins, so it is not much to organize a schedule of lessons at any time of day, such as wanting to avoid morning lectures It will not be possible.

About class
Classes are broadly divided into seminars (small class lectures) and lectures (large number lectures).
In the first year, I am accustomed to what sort of university is and it is an object to create a foundation, so the lesson is often easy, but as it is two or three years it becomes difficult and it will become an important time related to the overall evaluation.

The decisive difference between Japanese and UK university class scenery is attitude towards class. In Japan, there are also many students who are sleeping in the lecture or playing with mobile phones in many cases, but that is something that they do not see much in the UK. No matter how wide lecture hall lecturers, students are focusing on classes steadily. In addition, it is important to prepare before classes because they are nominated by professors as well as small classes, ask for opinions, discussions and presentations.

For international students, it is a time to feel the wall of the language greatly, but it is also important to state your opinion clearly because it is okay to make a mistake, the professor will also evaluate that attitude.

About the assignment
Common challenges are reports, presentations, portfolios, etc. Also in proportion to the content of the lesson, contents become difficult as the number becomes 1, 2 and 3 years, and the submission amount also increases. Of course, Plagiarism (plagiarism) is very strict. There is a rule to write the details of the reference firmly in a fixed form.

Example 1: Books
Pearson Education Ltd.
author name, publication year, book name, edition number, publisher’s city, publisher name> Kotler, P. and Armstrong, G. (2009) Principles of Marketing 11th edn.

Example 2: Web
Morris, S. (2012) ‘Olympic torch relay brings tourists to Falmouth – but will money follow?’. Guardian. Co.uk. [Online]. Available at; http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/ 2012 / may / 15 / olympic-torch-relay-cornwall-business? INTCMP = SRCH (Accessed; 15 May 2012)
author name, publication year, article name, site name, URL, access date
* It is just an example
■ Depending on the university, in order to prevent plagiarism issues are sometimes asked not only for hardcopy but also for online submission.
■ Spelling (Let’s be aware of the difference in spelling between American English and British English) and mistakes in grammar are also subjects of penalty points, so if you are worried, please show the professor once before submitting and get advice.
■ Presentation may be individual or group.
■ You can know which classes will be issued in which classes at the time of class selection, so if you are not good at presentation, for example, you can avoid that lesson and choose a different class

About the exam

In the written exam, there is a general exam and a test in which the problem is disclosed beforehand as Disclosed Exam.

For general things, it is necessary to study far and shallowly by solving past questions, whereas Disclosed studies solidly on the published problem in advance and wishes for the examination.
Both tests are severe for plagiarism as well as assignment, so you have to memorize the bibliography securely and fill it in.

Usually you can choose a lesson with no exam, no lesson. For classes without exams, the subjects are quite numerous, but if you are not good at stress specific to the exam, you may choose.
About evaluation
For most university evaluations, over 40% pass, and below it fail.

If you fail in the assignment, you must resubmit it, if you fail the exam, you must retest.

Also, if you are not satisfied with the evaluation, you can challenge again. The grading of the exam is sent not only to the professor of the university but to the institution of the country once, it is a mechanism to be fairly scored without fraud.
There are several reasons to fail, such as when the whole unit is missing, the grade is bad, there are problems or something go wrong. Generally, in the case of poor performance or unit shortage, you can graduate by retesting or re-submitting, or by redoing that year for another year, but there are also universities that you have to redo from the first grade again in rare cases. Since it is an important problem concerning the future, let’s check each one firmly with the university.

About the Society (Circle)

There is no drinker in Japan in the UK university.

The number of students in a circle is quite small, and activities are also not very active in many cases. There are many Japanese society at large universities.

If you are interested in joining a college event, entering a dormitory, or entering a society to make friends from other departments, you may join.

About UK university life

In Japan there are many playgrounds open 24 hours a day, including pubs and karaoke, but in the UK the most pubs and restaurants are closed at 11 pm and there are only about clubs to play until the morning. Because of that, the most popular play of college students in the UK is pubs and clubs, so chances of drinking will increase.

British people drink a lot as they are said to be ‘drinking culture’, but British universities are not as simple as they can always graduate while playing. British people are more crazy to play than Japanese people, but let’s enrich college life with playfulness and learning curve.
As one of the things you can get out of college, you can meet people of various nationalities with various backgrounds in a race melting pot, London. As I am young, I can go out of Japan and look at the world and learn a lot of knowledge.

Although studying abroad at overseas universities is difficult and not everyone can do it, what you get after you achieve it will be great.

The information on the UK university introduced here is general information. The details of the system will change according to each university and faculty, so please consult the London Study Abroad Center for consultation.

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