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School expenses support (benefits, scholarships, educational loans)
Education and training benefit (specialized practical training / general education training)
This course is a designated course of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare education and training benefits (specialized practical education / general education drills). Please check the website of the Ministry
of Health, Labor and Welfare for the contents of the system .

Professional practical education and training ( explicit statement is here )

It is a new system of “education and training benefits” expanded to support medium and long-term career advancement. 50% (up to 400,000 yen per year) of attendance fee to the
students ※ of this course , further qualifications etc. are acquired, and 20% is additionally paid if they are hired as employees or employed as insured persons. (Total up to 1.12 million yen provided for 2 years)
It meets certain requirements, such as enrolling in employment insurance (it was done), completing in 2 years, meeting the acceptance criteria defined by our university That is the condition of the benefit.
Received amount “112 million yen” from April 2018. Up to 2017 students will receive maximum “960,000 yen”.

For details on usage, please see on the “Professional Practice Education and Training Benefit” page.
General education and training ( explicit statement is here )

Those who have been (or are) in employment insurance take the education and training designated by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare and 20% (up to 100,000 yen) of the cost incurred when they are completed will be sent to the person himself /herself I will be paid.
Please check with your hello work beforehand whether you are eligible to receive your own.
For details please contact us individually.

Original scholarship
We also have our own scholarship.

【Sendai school (Part time MBA program [Japanese]) Subject】
Neo Staff Northeast Entrepreneur Scholarship

Part-time MBA Program [Japanese] / Online MBA Program [Japanese]Target
Technobet Scholarship

Japan Student Services Organization Scholarship Fund
You can use the Japan Student Services Organization’s scholarship. This scholarship is a loan type, and obligation to return will occur after the loan is over.
For details , please check the Japan Student Services Organization WEB site .

Types of scholarship
Graduate School First Class Scholarship (No interest)
Graduate School Secondary Scholarship (No interest during studying, with interest up to 3% per annum after graduation)
Eligibility for application
Those who are both excellent and healthy and have difficulty in education for economic reasons
Depending on the number of hires allocated by the Japan Student Services Organization, based on the academic achievement, household circumstances, etc, select within the university and select the recommender To do.

Recruitment Timing
After enrollment, we will contact you separately from the secretariat concerning procedures etc.
Please be forewarned that it will not be used for the payment for the first term of tuition because it will be recruited after enrollment.
Education loan
National education loan: “Japan Finance Corporation”
The national education loan is a public system that finances necessary funds for education.
It can also be used as educational fund for yourself
For inquiries about unknown points please contact below.
Educational loan call center
* Please confirm on the above website when using.
Partner loan (credit sales)
It is a tie-up education loan of a preferential treatment rate only for those who are enrolled in GLOBIS School of Management.
Application for educational loan Cedyna tuition fee loan provided by
Cedyna is here
Education loan provided by Jacks Corporation
Application for Jacks Education Loan is here
Here is the introduction page of the educational loan ” School Expenses Support Plan” provided by Orient Corporation
For inquiries about unknown points etc, please contact directly to the following.
School corporation Globis Management Graduate School Secretariat
General purpose loan (banking system)
In addition, we can also use “educational loan” for general purpose of various financial institutions.
Please contact each financial institution directly for application and inquiries.
Depending on the timing of your use and the application method (window / Internet), there is also
an education loan with an interest rate lower than the above partner loan, so please contact each bank when using.
At GLOBIS School of Business Management, you can experience actual classes of the MBA program. Individual consultation is also held after the experience class.The GLOBIS School of Business Administration holds “Experience Classes & Briefing Sessions” for those who are considering acquiring MBA and learning by GLOBIS.
You can get a sense that thinking ability is trained even for a short time by rotating the head full.
By actually discussing, I notice the difference between ‘understand’ and ‘possible’.
By talking to diverse people, you can get a viewpoint that you do not notice in self-study.
Admission fee will be collected only for admission year.
The tuition fee is divided in half every two years (4 terms) and delivered. It is also possible to deliver all at the time of admission. The delivery term of the tuition fee for the first term will be the last day of March 2018.
The cancellation of the tuition fee for the subjects acknowledged as acquisition units for university students or other students before enrollment will be divided equally between the second and fourth quarters.
If the tuition fee is revised at the time of enrollment and at the time of enrollment, the new tuition fee will be applied from the time of revisio

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