What is the business / business situation suitable for introducing marketing automation?

Marketing Automation is for automating and structuring marketing activities (acquiring and managing prospective customers, cultivating with appropriate content, and extracting promising prospective customers).

To construct that mechanism, it costs a certain amount at the time of initial introduction and operation. First of all, there is no point unless it is a business dealing with goods and services that you can pay, even if you pay for that cost.

By selling 1 piece, there will not be much worth introducing to merchandised merchandised products that ranged from tens of yen to hundreds of yen.

Many BtoB companies (business) are worth considering the introduction of MA
If you are asked to do business that is suitable for marketing automation, I think companies that do business with BtoB also apply.

A large amount of money moves as long as one item is decided with hundreds of thousands, millions, tens of millions, tens of millions, and more when dealing with products and services.

Therefore, the customer’s decision making process is complicated, cautious and time-consuming. Also, many people are involved.

Basically, it takes a lot of time, the more the decision-making process is, the more effective it is when automated, the more merit of introducing marketing automation is high.

What business is suitable for BtoC?
Although BtoB stated that it is worth considering the introduction of MA, it is worthwhile to consider introducing a business that includes elements close to BtoB business among BtoC.

Business with high unit price among BtoC
Automobile sales (especially luxury cars)
Home sales (condominium / detached house)
Ceremonial occasion (wedding ceremony, funeral service)
These businesses have high unit price per unit, so elements close to BtoB business are included.

Decision making process is long
Recruit (recruitment activities)
Infrastructure business (water supply, gas, electricity, internet etc.)
Education related (cram school, school etc)
In these businesses, many processes and interactions occur until decision-making. I think that such business is also worth considering the introduction and utilization of marketing automation.

Standing position of future marketing automation
As it is now commonplace website, as it was very expensive 20 years ago (although still partly expensive) I think that the current marketing automation is still in an expensive state.

However, as in the case of the homepage, the cost will also decline in ten years, and it may be in a condition that many companies are adopting regardless of BtoB and BtoC companies.

We have sent an article on the business that is suitable for introducing marketing automation.
To save time and effort by diverting existing content
I think that some readers have thought that it is impossible to introduce marketing automation to our company.

Certainly, it may be quite difficult to create these contents from 1 for MA and let them correspond to each media.

However, some companies already have homepages, seminars are held, and there are places where e-mail magazines are issued. In that case, you do not need to create from 1, you can save a lot of trouble by diverting these contents.

Of course, although you need to create missing content.

Still the most troublesome thing is “content”
The most troublesome task is “content creation”, but I think that it is also “content creation” that I need the most trouble.

First of all, the contents themselves are assets of the company. And, because there are so many contents, not only MA but also various things are useful.

And as the total amount of content and quantity increases, you can meet the needs of diverse users, and at the same time, the possibility of reaching many users will increase.

Companies that already have a lot of content in their company or companies that are good at creating content are worth considering the introduction of MA positively.

What was the article “What is the most troublesome part in introducing marketing automation?”
Because na – tering means “nurturing”, lead – nurturing refers to the activity of nurturing prospective customers that they have acquired to become their own customers.

Many leads rarely become emotions saying “buy” at the moment of recognition of goods and services, especially in the case of BtoB, it follows various processes and leads to purchase.

The basics of nachiring is to enhance purchasing motivation by approaching with the optimal content according to the stage (stage) where lead is now.Lead qualification refers to the extraction of promising prospective customers (hot potential prospects) who have acquired a willingness to buy from prospective customers who are acquiring and developing.

Marking automation has a scoring function (function of giving points), which makes it possible to visualize the point of the lead.

Among this visualized prospect data, ◯ point or more is judged to be a prospect who is hot, and it will be in the form of mid-career.
Final selling and closing is done by hand
In marketing automation, from acquisition of leads to development, scoring and extraction, even designs can be automated to some extent if they are designed properly.

However, I think that it is important to do the final closing work by hand. Especially, in the case of BtoB, it is essential.

Although it may have been thought that “People have to move in the long run”, it seems to have been thought that, in the end, the work of winning the lead so far, if the salesman moves instead, how much cost Is it hanging?

Also, there is no need for a salesman, who is a professional selling professional, to be dared against the lead nurtured so far. It should be a human being who has accurate knowledge about goods and services and can explain to customers.

These are the three roles of marketing automation.

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