What is Marketing / Automation (MA)?

What is Marketing / Automation (MA)?

Tools to streamline sales activities
From the standpoint of the sales department, we can define “sales efficiency improvement tool” and “sales support support tool”How do you streamline sales activities?
Difference from Sales Force Automation (SFA)?
When asked to support sales activities, it seems to have the question of what is different from “salesforce automation (SFA)”, but even with the same sales support, the way of approach is different.

Salesforce Automation supports sales activities by streamlining the management of projected customers.

Marketing / Automation Is your company?
In marketing and automation, we train prospective customers and pass on to the sales department a list of prospective customers who are in a state of hot (increased seriousness), thereby improving the efficiency of sales activities.

In short, if you approach, it is an approach to reduce waste by giving salespeople only customers who are making projects with high probability.

Marketing / automation seen from the marketing department
Prospect customer development support tool · management tool
Next time, from the standpoint of the marketing department, I think that it can be said that it can be said to be a “prospect customer development support tool” and “prospective customer management tool”.

How do you support the development of prospects?
How to train prospects?
Various approaches are conceivable for nurturing prospective customers.

For example, regularly send guidance on goods and services, encourage seminar participation, have trial version, use sample.

What I said is that even for all prospective customers, the response is not very good, so it is necessary to take the best approach according to the attributes and needs of prospects.

It is very hard to do this manually.

With marketing automation introduced?
In marketing and automation, we will automatically train prospective customers by automatically executing pre-determined processing. By doing so, you can automate the tasks you have done manually, and you can improve efficiency.

For example, the prospective customer is divided into a plurality of segments, and the process of saying to send “guidance of” “to the segment interested in ◯” is automatically processed according to the instruction registered in advance I will give it.

And you can track the prospect’s behavior (watching mail, visiting the page, downloading the material), you can give points by that action and you can score it automatically.

Marketing / automation from the finance department
Sales / marketing cost reduction tool
From the finance department perspective, I think that marketing automation can be described as a “sales and marketing expense reduction tool”.

How do you reduce sales and marketing expenses?
If you think about what we have explained so far, you can imagine it, but if you can improve the efficiency of sales and improve the efficiency of marketing, you can inevitably cut down on various expenses.

For example, if you are sending “DM (direct mail)” on a regular basis, let’s say that the number of responses so far was “500 cases”.

As a result of optimizing it based on the result of the scoring of marketing automation, even if DM is not sent to useless users, even if the number to be sent is halved, the response rate has not changed to “about 500 cases” .

This may lead to a 40% reduction in the cost of DM sent monthly.

Ultimately, sales and profit improvement tool
Until now, I have focused on the part that said efficiency, cost reduction, etc., but if you reverse it, you get more sales and profits at the same cost.

Therefore, marketing and automation can be said as “sales and profit improvement tool”.

What is marketing automation? As the final conclusion that,

It depends on what purpose you want to use and what you want to achieve
It will be said.

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