Thinking about “lead generation” of marketing automation

To implement marketing automation, it is necessary to introduce a specialized system called marketing and automation tool.

In addition, this tool is provided by many companies, and each company has its own characteristics and differences. However, since there are many common functions, we will introduce common functions on this page.

Common functions of marketing and automation tools
Campaign function
A campaign is a marketing term and it refers to a series of processes of marketing activities.

For example, the process of sending five step e-mails to customers every week is also a “campaign”.

And, using the campaign function, you can register these processes in advance and automate marketing activities.

Because of this function, it can be said to be marketing automation.

Be able to “Automate marketing activities”
Scoring function (point giving function)
In marketing and automation, we are visualizing the seriousness (procurement motivation) of prospective acquisitions by scoring.

It opened the mail. He looked at the homepage. It downloaded the material. Customer behavior, such as, officers of the company. Employee of system department of large company. Based on attribute information such as said, we will give you a preset point.

What you can do “Visualization of the seriousness”

Collecting and editing prospect information
The marketing and automation tool has a function to collect prospect information.

Of course you noticed the input information entered in the inquiry form, did you see the mail? What kind of page did you see? Did you download the material? You can also collect action information like that.

By doing so, what pages (prospects) the prospective customer is interested in? And you can see what kind of condition it is now.

What can be done “Management and actions of prospects information, visualization of needs,”
Mail transmission / management function
You can send mails to many prospective customers at once, or you can send mails by segment.

Of course, management functions for registering, creating, and editing contents of mail in advance are also included.

From this, it is also possible to conduct e-mail marketing with marketing and automation tools.

What you can do “Email marketing”

Landin page creation function
I think that you can catch it with the meaning of the sales page of 1 page as the Landin page mentioned here.

Even those who do not have much expertise in marketing and automation tools have a function to easily create Landin pages if applied to a template.

This function makes it possible to create sales pages for each prospect quickly at low cost.

What you can do “Create a sales page tailored to potential customers”

By using the report function provided in the marketing and automation tool, you can easily display the information you want to know easily (such as the total e-mail opening rate or the number of prospects gathered) in graphs and tables.

So, where is it working well? Or is it not functioning? It is intuitive to understand that you can measure the effect.

What can be done “Effect measurement / analysis”

Cooperation with external service
Many marketing and automation tools can cooperate with external services.

For example, SNS (twitter, facebook), SFA (sales force), CRM (customer management), etc. By doing so, you can share customer data and you can make each other synergistic.

What you can do “Share customer data”

Summary of things you can do with marketing and automation tools
The contents introduced this time introduce the rough functions common to marketing and automation tools.

For those who would like to learn more, I think that it is good to check the specification on the home page of each company or service. By comparing and examining, you will find that there are various differences depending on the company and service.

First of all, I would like to set up what I would like to do with marketing and automation tools, and ultimately I would choose a tool that would be most likely to achieve that goal.

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