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Orientation for entrance to April 2018 was held

March 24, 2018

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At Nagoya University of Commerce Business School, on 24th March (Saturday) we conducted orientation for April 2018 enrollees. About 150 new students from Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya gathered at the Nagoya Marunouchi campus this time.
Freshman Orientation
Orientation Professor Kawamura Greeting

Orientation began with a welcome greetings from Dean of Kitahara Yasutomi, and there was explanation on how to learn at our business school.

Kitaro Yasutomi, dean of the Dean, encouraged freshmen and said, “In addition to acquiring knowledge from two years of learning, we do not have to acquire the intellectual ability to practice while considering its correctness, There will be many people who are worried that learning while working can really be done.But these two years are not just learning in the classroom.You get big learning through weekdays work Therefore, please use the knowledge and skills acquired in the lesson and the notice more and more to practice. ” From the expression of a freshman who listens to this word, it seemed like expecting growth of future learning.
New student networking
A picture of the business card exchange party

At the Orientation of our university, a business card exchange meeting “New student networking” is carried out. It has been carried out to deepen friendship with high school friends who are gathered from all over the country and was conducted in a game sense as to how many people can exchange business cards in 5 minutes.

How efficiently you can exchange business cards with many people was the point, the most frequent people had an exchange with 13 people in 5 minutes. In addition to studying, I think that you could have experienced the real pleasure of our university that you can broaden your connections and deepen interaction with people from different industries. In addition, I feel that I could have led to the creation of relationships that worked hard together with this freshmen networking.
Case Method Orientation

In the case method orientation, we used a case actually used in the lesson, and Professor Seiichiro Iwasawa gave a lecture on how to read the case and how to proceed with the case method. This time, based on the case of the US milk shake company, it was done in the same way as the actual MBA lecture and took the first step to cultivate analytical skills and thinking skills required for decision making in the business scene . Despite the first time participants from freshmen participated actively in the discussion, I felt enthusiasm for enthusiasm for future lectures and enthusiasm.

When I asked newcomers what they felt in the experience of the first case, “I agree or disagree, I got more opinions than I thought”, “I absorbed more opinions than I thought by one person to learn I was able to do it. “” Every opinion is straightforward, but it is not a perfect opinion, so it’s interesting, “raised some voices. In addition, Professor Iwasawa explained to the freshman who experienced the case method for the first time, “The classroom is a joint place of teachers and students.If you do not have an opinion, classes will not be established.Although one year later, two years later, MBA Please become a suitable person, “he says encouraging words.
Event guide

Nagoya University of Commerce Business School has two opportunities to enroll in April and September. The next entrance is September 2018. We regularly hold briefing sessions, open campuses and events at our university so if you are interested in MBA please join us.

“2018 briefing session: April opening date”
Tokyo: Wednesday, April 4 (Wed) 19: 00-21: 00
Nagoya: Saturday, April 14 (Sat) 10: 30-13: 00
Osaka: Saturday, April 7 (Sat) 13: 00-15: 30
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