Musashi Scholarship in 2018

I will do selection of Musashi Scholarship in 2018!

Former world champion Masashi Scholarship, who has been training Kazuhito Sakata as principal, formerly all Japan champion and Grand Prix rider Tomoyoshi Koyama, All Japan J – GP 3, GP 2 champion Mizuno Ryo as instructor, and training one – on – one young riders.

We are looking for scholarship students in 2018 to be a fifth grader of the Musashi Scholarship which began in 2014.

Musashi Scholarship won the All Japan ST 600 in 2016, 2017 season ranked 6th in the All Japan ST 600 class, Teppei Nagoshi, ATC and Junior World Championship (CEV), Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup etc. Kumii Kuroi And Yamanaka Ryuusya and other promising young riders are produced one by one.

In addition, in the selection of the 2018 Asia Talent Cup held at the end of last year, two out of three Japanese successful candidates left the result of 2017 Musashi scholarship student (another one passed the reserve).

The training is held around twenty times a year at Twin Ring Motegi, and the participation fee is free. I will prepare bikes with scholarship.

In this scholarship, a racing team, Hulk Pro, develops human resources such as riders and mechanics in the race field, similarly placing “human resource development” as a major theme of the company and developing various activities Musashi Precision Industry Co., Ltd. that we are doing agrees on the part of our philosophy. Supported by Musashi Precision Industry Co., Ltd., which is operated and developed by Hulk · Pro.

Selection will be done at the end of March 2018. Those who wish to participate in the selection, please send us your name, contact information (address, telephone number with immediate contact), age, main results, resolutions.

■ Eligibility
· Male and female under the age of 16
· Person who owns Twin Ring Motegi license (It is unnecessary at the time of document examination, but it is necessary for selection)
· Those who can mount the Arai helmet (from Arai helmet on April onwards)
· Persons who have a complete racing gear
· Those who can attach “Patch of Musashi Scholarship” patch for 3 years, including training period, to riding wear
· Training may be done on weekdays. The top priority of studies is natural, but for those other than those who can give top priority to schedule of scholarship
· School holding date may change suddenly. Therefore, there is a possibility that people who are far away like using an airplane can withhold.
· All correspondence is done by e-mail. Those who can exchange smoothly by email.

Even if it is adopted, if you can not hear motivation by this judgment, such as not being able to exchange contact smoothly, you may cancel your recruitment even in the middle of the season.

The deadline is February 28. We will contact you later from the Musashi Scholarship office. E-mail address

Please also e – mail inquiries etc to the above address.

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