In reference books on marketing and automation, there are few cases of introduction for SMEs

I think that there are many people who are small business customers to study marketing and automation by themselves, reading books related to “marketing / automation” and studying.

I feel that there are only examples of introduction cases described in the reference books of large companies and top companies. As long as I read some reference books on marketing and automation, there was nothing I felt as a small business with my subjectivity.

For anything, I’d like to refer to my own business model or case examples close to the scale, but it is quite difficult to do so
Why are there small cases of small and medium enterprises such as reference books?

It is based on my hypothesis to introduce below.

We have not reached the introduction of marketing automation
In the first place it has not even reached the point of introducing marketing automation in small and medium enterprises. It is thought that.

Originally, there is an idea that marketing automation is a system for large companies, and even we are not considering introduction. Or, I have considered a little, but I think that I abandoned it because I did not have a balance between cost and return.

We introduced marketing automation but it has not succeeded
Although I tried to introduce it, I have not succeeded yet. Or, there are cases where you withdrew from the conclusion of failure.

The introduction case is not public.
I think there are companies that have succeeded by introducing marketing and automation at small and medium-sized enterprises. However, I think that it is just not being public.

Success know-how is a property and asset for the company, so it is fully conceivable that you do not want to publicly publish it.

As a story of books, those who introduced large companies can sell
In the reference book of marketing and automation, the story saying “I introduced this to a big company and built such a wonderful system” is more convincing and interesting as content, and can also take the volume of the content of books.

For that reason, there are many cases of small and medium enterprises introduction, but you can think that they are giving priority to big company’s story.

Is the success of marketing and automation difficult for SMEs?
The gap between “introduction” and “success”
The first thing I would like to tell you is to think that “introduction of marketing automation” and “success of marketing and automation” are separate things.

“Introduction of marketing automation” is “admission” in school. “Marketing and automation success” is “graduation” in school.

In particular, I’d like you to replace it with an American university, but it is said that the prestigious university in the United States is not that difficult to enroll itself. However, it is difficult to graduate. Japanese colleges are the opposite.

In short, “introduction” and “success” means that there is a big gap.

Difference in the number of assets, personnel, prospects
The big difference between large enterprises and small and medium enterprises is “asset strength”, “human resources”, “the number of prospect customers”.

Marketing / automation must be operated to a certain extent in the long term, and human resources who possess marketing skills are necessary for operation.

And we need prospects to raise. Once systemized, one with more prospective customers (denominator) is cost effective.

Again, it is no difference that big companies are more advantageous.

Is there a reason for SMEs to introduce marketing automation?
From the previous section, again, marketing and automation is a system for large companies, and SMEs do not have to work hard to introduce it. You might think that.

However, even small and medium-sized enterprises have reasons to introduce them enough if they meet the following conditions.

Be sure to have a solid website
There is prospect information on neglected condition
Working amount of salespersons are many and overtime is frequent
Be able to secure manpower for managing marketing and automation

Lower the marketing and automation hurdles with MMA
Although we also introduced in the following article, it is easier for SMEs to achieve successful marketing and automation by lowering the hurdles of marketing and automation according to their business model and scale.

We define marketing automation that lowered hurdle as MMA (marketing · micro · automation).

By doing this, it is possible to introduce marketing automation for companies of any size, basic.

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