GLOBIS MANAGEMENT Graduate School, Celebrating the 2018 Japanese MBA Program

GLOBIS MANAGEMENT Graduate School, Celebrating the 2018 Japanese MBA Program Entry Ceremony
~ The number of entrants was 825, the largest ever, with 5 campuses in Higashi · Osaka · Nam · Sen · Fukuo online ~

April 03, 2018

GLOBIS MANAGEMENT Graduate School held the school entrance ceremony of the 2018 Japanese MBA program at Tokyo school on Sunday, March 25 and Sunday, April 1 at Osaka school and Nagoya school. The number of enrollees who combined online with 5 campuses in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai and Fukuoka totaled 825 in total, and attended as a single student (*) at the special campus of Mito and Yokohama established in 2017 I will enroll students for the first time.

The entrance ceremony will be held on a campus basis.

<Order of schedule below>

· Tokyo school March 25 (Sun)

· Osaka school, Nagoya school April 1 (Sun)

· Sendai School April 8 (Sun)

· Fukuoka school April 15 (Sun)

Graduate School of Business, which opened in 2006, has grown to over 3,700 students who were initially about 70 at the beginning of the year, with the educational policy as “fostering business leaders bringing” creation “and” transformation “to society” I have sent out alumni who are the volunteers of creation and transformation over name.

In order to meet the expectations of many people from now on, we will provide practical management education and an environment that is easy to learn, and will continue to devote ourselves to creating business leaders that contribute to the creation and change of society.

»Tokyo school entrance ceremony The state of the day can be checked from here (external site)

(※) is a system (courses etc) that can be taken on a subject basis before proceeding to the department. The master course is the Graduate School of Management graduate school MSc degree.

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