Al-Faisal University offers a scholarship program

Al-Faisal University offers a scholarship program to attract outstanding students, as well as those with financial needs, who wish to join Al-Faisal University or the University Preparation Program to finance their tuition fees in order to obtain a distinguished education in line with their academic excellence and their practical future aspirations. Academic year.

Al-Faisal University has developed a comprehensive scholarship system to provide qualified students with the opportunity to complete their studies in Al-Faisal regardless of their economic status. They have developed into researchers and scientists of global standards and contribute significantly to building a bright future for Saudi Arabia and the region in general.

The University has a number of donors that support its scholarship programs, which are given on the basis of academic excellence and the financial need to help the student obtain a degree.

Types of scholarships
Granting the financial need (King Faisal Foundation for Prince Sultan Program):
Granting Scientific Excellence (Al-Faisal University Scholarships):
List of Deans
Brothers Discount
The validity of the scholarship
Change specialization
Cancel the scholarship

Office of Grants and Financial Assistance

University of Faisal
PO Box 50927
Riyadh / Postal Code
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Telephone (inside the Kingdom): 920000570
Telephone (from outside the Kingdom): 11 7777 11 00966

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