The University of Tokyo Admission Policy

The University of Tokyo mission and educational philosophy
Founded in 1877, the University of Tokyo, the first national university in Japan, to foster a “citizen elite with a global perspective” (Charter of the University of Tokyo) that can play a leading role in various domestic and international fields I think that it is the mission of myself that is commissioned from society. Under this mission, our aim is to show a deep understanding of our nation’s history and culture, to have a broad international perspective, to build on advanced expertise, to find problems and to resolve problems And the ability to develop human resources who can think and act on their own by exercising a strong pioneer spirit while underwriting the public responsibility as citizens.
Therefore, students entering the University of Tokyo are expected to possess a sound ethical sense, sense of responsibility, individuality and behavior, learning as much as possible from liberal arts education (liberal arts education) in the previous course, It is required to cultivate broad and deep education and rich humanity. In this liberal arts education, you will be able to acquire the basic knowledge and academic methods required in any specialized field, as well as the ability to discern what expertise you are going to be. The curriculum of our university is based on such wide and lucrative liberal arts education, and it has been developed into various specialized education in each department / department organically connected with the foundation, both of which are graduate school, research institute etc. Leading to the world’s most advanced research being carried out in the world.

Expecting student image
The University of Tokyo hopes to resonate with such educational philosophy and actively accept everyone with a high willingness to learn with strong motivation not only from Japan but from all over the world. What the University of Tokyo is seeking is willingness to actively maximize the education and research environment of our university, learn by himself self, and grow to a person who plays a creative role in each field He is a student. First and foremost, what matters is the sympathy for our mission and educational philosophy as mentioned above, the strong interest and interest in learning at our university, and the strong motivation for human growth through learning. In such a sense, he / she learned a wide range of things by taking advantage of his / her interests and interests inside and outside school classes, rather than people who concentrate solely on examination examination that is conscious of only the entrance examination scores, The University of Tokyo welcomes those who intend to acquire a broad perspective relating various problems that must be, or to gain serious insight to deeply explore their own problem awareness.

Basic policy of entrance examination
Therefore, the entrance examination problem of the University of Tokyo is anything but a hurdle if you learn properly and acquire the skills acquired at high school, no matter what. The undergraduate entrance examination of our university which is carried out to select the expected students is supported by the following three basic policies.
First of all, the contents of the exam questionnaires are in keeping with what we aim to achieve at the high school education stage.
Secondly, as a qualification that can adequately respond to liberal arts education after admission, we emphasize learning extensively regardless of the linguistic and science sciences, and having a wide international perspective and communication skills in foreign languages. For that reason, we ask the candidates of each class to have basic knowledge and abilities of the science, and to obtain the basic knowledge and ability of the science class as well as the candidates of each science class. In addition, for foreign examiners of any category We require basic skills.
Third, rather than filling in knowledge, we emphasize the high level of ability to associate knowledge and bring solutions.
The University of Tokyo hopes that those who wish to study will learn as much as possible from the education to upper secondary school as much as possible with the above in mind.

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