The admission fee is too high

The parking lot is nearly full because there are things that have not yet been completed since opening. Several sightseeing buses were stopped. There are many people who visit Hakone and Mt. Fuji sightseeing together.
If the weather is fine Mt. Fuji seems to worship, but with the clouds hidden Mt. Fuji can not be worshiped Unfortunately only with the view of Suruga Bay … We just went over the suspension bridge and felt doubt about the price setting of 1,000 yen (Cospa is too bad). In addition, at the side of the suspension bridge, a venue commemorating the commemorative photography was charged for a fee (a sight that is often found in tourist spots).
For example, if you do not consider the idea of ​​discounting fees on days when Mt. Fuji can not be watched, you will be worried about whether tourist facilities such as birds will crow.
I tried to look at the souvenir shop with the escalator, but there are no products like this, Mishima croquette sold beside the parking lot is also a product with bad sightseeing location price with a high price setting. Once it went, it was already honest comment that I thought that it was enough.

I won the longest suspension bridge in Japan
When I visited Mishima before, it was in the midst of construction, I listened to the fact that it was completed and tried to extend my feet from Atami.
Even though it is a weekday, the parking lot is crowded and I think that there were many buses.
To the suspended bridge which aims at the busy conversation of people who are like Chinese, with the ear.
I was surprised at taking an entrance fee here.
One person 1,000 yen. I think that this is high or I think that it is advantageous to decide whether pros and cons are divided, so I will not pursue deeply.
On the day I was blessed with fine weather and I could look at Mt. Fuji and I was very satisfied to be able to take a wonderful photo. There were scenes where legs fainted when looking under the bridge, but since it is a Japanese building, we prayed that there were no collapses.
Fuji can be watched over, I think that the price of 1,000 yen will never be high, so it would be better to carefully check only the weather forecast in advance.

Admission fee for 1000 yen seems to be high, but there is a way to enjoy it
There are many sightseeing buses. It will be cool in the summer, but it seems to be scary in the winter because it is cold in the wind. It is 400 meters in length but it takes a long time to walk carefully and watch the state of the distance 70 meters from the lattice-like part in the middle of the bridge and the distant landscape. I thought that you do not know the shake when you are bouncing to skip rather than walking. Although the weather was fine we could not see the clouds at Mt. Fuji, but I was satisfied because I could see the Amitaka and Suruga Bay deepest in Japan. A shooting spot in front of the place where I crossed. Go for the right while stepping on the wood chip and the observation deck. Mt. Fuji and a beautiful landscape can be seen from a deck with a wagon of Omikuji made from thinned wood called the flower drop beside it. I think that we can see the landscape that is different from going because we can have some room to go back. The sky garden going up with the escalator beside the south gate There are many flowerpots that have been properly maintained and it is very beautiful. Please be sure to enter the toilet. I want at least 1 hour for the observation time.

Visited around 3 pm. Pretty shaking! Because the weather was sunny, the view was nice! But 1000 yen per person is still expensive! Soft cream of the shop 380 yen! It’s delicious but expensive!
Restaurant Forest kitchen! The menu seems to be just curry! Mishima croquette curry 900 yen! Well something like this? Mishima croquette alone is 200 yen!
Would you like to come again? Wow! What?

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