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Japanese student
As of April 2003, Japanese students are currently enrolling in a management school, 5 in full-time MBA, 1 in executive MBA, 1 in master course of finance. Two Japanese MBA students have dispatch of central government agencies, one company dispatch, two private students.About 140 full-time MBA students, the youngest is 24 years old, the oldest is 52 years old. Composition of 30% female and 70% male. There are people who have various professional backgrounds, consultants, manufacturer experienced people, and entrepreneurs themselves to leave the company to their friends and studying at the MBA for one year.
Career bureaucrats such as the British Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defense, etc. because the Imperial MBA is included in one school of the five nationally designated public officials in the UK (only the Imperial is designated in London suburbs) Entered several students each year.

There are courses of hospital management, and some doctors are MBA students. For that reason, in case of a simple illness, other MBA students have a great deal of usefulness, asking the students to diagnose and prescribe in the classroom between classes.
The president (Director) changed from April 2003. Instead of David Norburn who was the president of the Imperial MBA for many years, I am going to replace the new president David Begg and the change in the way MBA operates in the future.

former president was supposed to be an admission briefing for students, and said that the MBA rankings such as Financial Times are not worried at all. However, the new president announced inaugural greetings to the students in April 2003, and announced that it will continue to operate in the direction of emphasis on ranking in the future.
Specific examples include:

· Shortening the period from receipt of application form to reply of acceptance / disapproval (Imperial’s request application processing is very late and notorious.) It is now notoriously high that this administrative process, which currently takes several months, time within seems to plan to be able to answer in),
making it possible for several months exchange program with other European MBA in-school,
take advantage of the new school building to be – completed next year,
strengthening of and students employment support
· Adopting women for MBA operating officers. (Currently all executives are men.)
· Posting in newspaper magazines etc. (from professor’s comments etc. to publication of papers)
Orientation will be held in September for about a week. In the meantime, lectures such as issuance of student ID card, lecture by the president etc, how to contact people with different cultural customs, how group work should be done.

October – December
Students are divided into two groups of 70 people each, and the same lecture is given to each. The period is 10 weeks.

There are 6 subjects of lecture.
Quizzes, tasks for individuals, tasks for working in groups, etc. are issued in each section.
The work group is randomly assigned by the school. A group consists of about six people, and each group has a different group. Since one person belongs to several groups, adjustment of the work schedule of each group becomes considerably hard when the deadline at the end of the term approaches.

· Quantitative Methods
· Business Economics
· Information System Management
· Financial Reporting and Control
· Accounting · People Organization and Knowledge
· Future Business Developing About such technology, invited lecturer ‘s lecture)

Winter vacation 3 weeks: Study study will be done at this time.

Week 1 of the holidays: the examination period. It is an exam for the lecture from October to December
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