About the MBA of Imperial College London Business School

The Imperial College London MBA has three courses: a full-time course of 1 year, a 24-month weekday part-time executive course, and a 21-month weekend part-time executive course.

There are about 60 full-time students, about 30 part-time workers on weekdays, about 70 part-time workers per week during the 2007/2008 fiscal year. Among them, the number of Japanese students was two at full time and one at the weekend part-time (I).

The main differences between the three courses are the difference in the period required for closing basic courses (full time 5 months / part time 10 months), the number of required subjects in elective courses (7 full-time courses / 4 part-time courses), international studies · Presence or absence of a tour (part time only). For selected classes, full-time and part-time classes will be held jointly.

It does not change to a degree awarded.

The name of the business school has been changed from Tanaka Business School to Imperial College London Business School from October 2008.
Features of Weekend Executive MBA
Classes of basic subjects will be held intensively once a month from Thursday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. For this reason, even those who want to acquire an MBA while continuing their current career career can efficiently do the lesson. The average age seems to be in the first half of 30 years, but it is only students who have taken care to a certain extent and there are many high quality ‘adult students’. Some people go to school from nearby European areas like Paris and Athens.

More characteristic, dinner is set (class fee included) only during this weekend’s part time class, during the basic course period, after the class is over. It is a good opportunity for part-time students who are not meeting face every day, it is a good opportunity to create relationships, and it is often said that the Weekend Executive class is on good terms to other classes of students. Since elective subjects of the second year are held in conjunction with full-time classes, the relationship between the students in the school is expanded further.

Among the UK business schools, IClass composition
The general flow of the class of Weekend Executive MBA is as follows.
■ April – August: Basic subjects (4) and final exams
· Accounting Management Analysis · Accounting
· Business Economics
· Marketing Management
· People and Organization
∎ September ~ January: Basic subjects (4) and end of term test
· Economic Framework · Macroeconomic · Financial Management · Strategic Management · Strategic Management · Quantitative Method ■ February – July: Compulsory Group · Project (2)
· Innovation Management Project
( Project to conduct innovation related to actual companies)
· Commercial Feasibility Project
( Project on business development of technologies actually invented within the university)
■ February ~ September: Electives (4)
■ September: International Study Tour (8 days in China)
■ October to December: Graduation thesis

As for the basic subjects, tasks based on group work are mainly imposed in addition to the examination. There is no examination for elective subjects, and submissions of issues by individuals and groups are required. In addition, graduation thesis standard

Benefits of Imperial College London Busines think that the school is excellent for those who want to acquire MBA while working, or want to create human relations, in terms of program composition and student quality.

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