About MBA acquisition while staying abroad

Finally, in my case I got an MBA while working overseas due to my work, but I would like to touch on this. First of all, since the classes are organized collectively at the weekend (Thursday to Sunday), weekend executive MBA is able to do classes within paid holidays if it is possible to take leave flexibly to some extent.
Elective courses to be acquired in the second year, major subjects are also held on weekends. Secondly, although I have an English problem, I think that the English level of the student is higher than the regular MBA class because only one Japanese has a class in the class and only the people working in the UK are in the class . I could not see anyone who had difficulty communicating in English other than me. However, because only students are “high quality” adults, I think that it is unnecessary to worry beyond necessity if the university asks for the TOEFL or IELTS scores.
Why did you choose MBA in Europe?
My specialty was urban planning, but I am a general construction company and I am enrolled in the Project Promotion Division (department that develops the sales strategy of the construction industry) and I decided to study abroad to learn business science and project management.
I studied universities where I can learn urban planning and business administration and studied MBA in the United States such as UCB, Harvard, MIT etc, but development of UK’s historical accumulation (especially urban planning), development of Channel Tunnel and Docklands attracts attention We selected the UK.
In addition, British traditional culture, beautiful countryside scenery, good security was also a major factor.
My personal experience, but I actually stayed and had a very safe and comfortable life in the UK (lCurrently, I am researching and practicing sustainable community development at public universities near Sendai city, but the main theme is “community regeneration and reconstruction”, and from that point as well, He is a pioneer of the world.
In the near future, when welcoming the milestones of research and education of the university in which he is working, he visits the UK again and conducts research on community policy, nonprofit management, social entrepreneurs in the position of a visiting researcher at the University of London We want to do.

Also, I would like to conduct activities to promote international exchange about activities such as Imperial College and LSE spreading UK’s excellent universities to Japan, environmental issues and regional revitalization. Since I graduate from Imperial College and many people are active in Japan and the world, I hope that those networks will expand in the future as well.
It was a very fulfilling time in the UK two years, so I will continue to do my best at academic and practical places, treating that experience and achievements as a treasure.iving in Kew Gardens).

Besides, I was also interested in the structure of the international community such as the EU, and it was a major reason why I felt strong appeal from the very beginning in European MBAs where people from various countri
How does the MBA help the current job?
I also have an educational background and practical skills in engineering, but now I’m a professor at the department of business administration of a national public university in the field.

I was able to acquire the current academic post by public recruitment but I think that getting an MBA from a prestigious overseas university was advantageous at that time.
Also, my current specialty is pursuing methods for regional revitalization from a managerial perspective in applied field of regional management, and the knowledge and experience of MBA in the UK are made use of. In particular, knowledge of management strategy, project management, accounting, CBA, HRM etc. is fully utilized for current research education.


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